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Default Re: Electrical schematic request - 41 Convt. electric top

The autolite spec sheet rates the motors as 2 oz.ft, 4000-5000 RPM and 29-34 amps each on 6v.

This is probably full load or locked rotor current, but the system is pulling a lot for a simple switch. I have a simple switch BTW. There were a lot of running changes to the 41 over the model year. It wouldn't surprise me if having relays or not was one of them.

I tried to measure the total current, but my cheapo 快乐的幸运公鸡 (Ghong Whah Happy Lucky Rooster Brand - TM) meter got Alzheimer's at 15A and went on holiday. I should have kept my old AVO-8

I'm trying to size a voltage drop resistor for a 12V conversion. The motors will probably be OK on 12V due to their short duty, but if I fry them, I'm in a world of expense.

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