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Default Re: First time adjusting rod and mains

Originally Posted by Patrick L. View Post
Just when you think you've heard it all !

If the lower clearances are now good and everything looks fine including the bore this monster just may run fine and not need a rebuild. You'll know in short time though won't you.
Patrick L, granted the babbitt and clearances so far are good, we've only completed the mains as of now, the babbitt and crank rod journals look fine also, we're still balancing the rods and pistons and of course wrist pins, we don't get a lot done because we only get a little time during the week to work on this project since we both have day jobs and when we do get together there is the B.S. time to factor in. I'm hoping that by next weekend to have her back together and running. This engine is still going to come out at some point and be replaced with a professionally built engine because of several other things besides the shady previous build, for instance, just from visual inspection there are 3 different style of rods used, they'll be okay and work fine but it'll bug me knowing this. Since I have the original numbers matching engine sitting in my shop I want to get it built and installed. I'll have a lot more faith and trust in an engine done right. This engine will probably run and preform just fine when we're done but my plan is to swap them out this winter.
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