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Default 1932 Model B block, crankshaft, rods

City: Garfield
State: Arkansas
Price: $1150

I examined this B block carefully and could not find any of the usual cracks that plague the Model B blocks. It is very hard to tell, but the #3 cylinder may be sleeved. The bore on this block is 3 31/32" (3.9675") and it looks good - no ring wear line at the top of cylinders. It may clean up with a good cylinder honing. The babbit in the mains look like they were just poured and line bored. They measure 1.9385" as close as I can tell with a calipers.
I have wire brushed this block and I don't see any visible cracks anywhere on this block.

Crankshaft - Looks good but has some slight surface rust on the journals. The mains measure 1.9687" so this crankshaft will mate up good with the block. Clean up the main journals on the crankshaft and then line bore the block to match the crankshaft. The rod journals measure 1.8436, so they have perhaps been ground once. It is not a problem to match rebabbited rods to the crankshaft. I have four used B rods that go with this package.

Email me if you want more pictures.

Since these are very heavy items and I have no idea where they might be going, you can email me and perhaps we can determine what crating and shipping costs will be. You are welcome (encouraged) to pick these up in NW Arkansas (near Rogers & Bentonville)

DSCN0463 B block .JPG







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