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I agree with ColumbiA , if you properly rebuild the steering components ( steering arms, tie rod ends, steering box, etcc) and do everything properly,use the steer -eze kit, you would be surprised how easy they can steer. I will add one more thing... Tires! Firestones, Goodyears steer much better than junk tires like Garfields, etc. I have had a number of our local guys ( inlcuding Terry Oberer) compain of hard steering and they tried out my firestones on their car and were amazed. I'll never forget the day Terry Oberer took his out with the new tires, he couldn't wait to call me and tell me he had power steering! Be sure your toe in and front end are properly aligned as well. All the details add up. Not to slant the guys who do the F100 mods.... but personally I wouldn't trade one of the other boxes for my original.

Larry S.
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