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Originally Posted by Y-Blockhead View Post
I remember when I got hold of my first Model A (30 Deluxe Coupe) and had to do a valve job on it before driving it. I invited my next door neighbor to go on the maiden voyage of my car after I had the engine put all back together and got it running. Half way around the block on this initial drive, he started asking me if the engine compartment should be looking cherry red hot as he was looking through the manifold heater hole in the firewall. I was sooo green on the ways of Model A's way back then I didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing. All I was concerned with at that time was making it around the block and back home in the garage without a tow truck.

Then after several more timing jobs and playing around with the carburetor settings, I finally got the red out without resorting to using Visine...... That was over 35 years ago and I think I haven't had that issue since.

Thanks to all of the good guys that are teaching us all how to PROPERLY time the rotor / disti. Several good and different timing methods are out there but use what works best for you... is offline   Reply With Quote