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Default Re: Convert to 12 Volt ?

Originally Posted by harleycontracter View Post
Never had a 6 volt car. I was going to leave everything as it is stock. Is there a reason to convert to 12 volt it I'm running all stock ?

If you convert to 12v anything electrical other than the generator should be converted to 12v.

If the starter is not converted, it spins faster, and can be hard on the starter Bendix, and also the flywheel pinion gear. Some will say not to worry about it, some recommend converting to a 12 v starter. The 6 v starter can also be modified by rearranging the windings, or you can purchase the correct windings.

Other things - 12 v lamps, 12 volt ignition coil or addition of a ballast resistor to the 6v coil , if a DC wiper a dropping resistor. The horn may need a dropping resistor.

Personally I run 6V and the only time I have had problems starting was when I was a newbie and the battery lead to the frame was rusty/corroded and not tightened down properly. An A in good running condition, with good electrical wiring/connections will start on the 1st, second, or 3rd compression. One modification that helps is to run a large gauge cable from the battery frame connection to a bolt on the bell housing, This extra cable insures you have an excellent current path for the high load (80 Amps or more) from the starter back to the battery.

Some highly recommend 12v alternators. I have no issues running 6v so am fine running 6V. Just make sure you add a drop of oil every oil change to the generator's 2 oil points.

There are cases where running 12v is necessary. As with high current loads like an electrical heater, lots of extra lights, those who need air conditioning, etc. I look at a lot of the generator complaints as we are using 90 year old parts, if taken care of and have been rebuilt properly they are OK, it is just that alternators do no require any maintenance and are usually trouble/maintenance free as long as the bearings are good, and if the internal diodes do not go bad.
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