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Default Re: Convert to 12 Volt ?

I like the 6V system. It's one of the many things that gives the model A it's "charm" IMO. I personally would not covert to 12V and if I bought one that was converted I don't think I would bother to convert it back. However, if I was looking at one that was 12V I would pay less than I would if it was still 6V. For the repost, I have 3 model A's that are 12V. 1 with a 327 SBC tripower, 4" chop, TCI chassis, 1 with a 350SBC and one with a 2.4L diesel. If you are going to start modifying, may as well go all the way. I like them all (well the diesel is still under construction) but I think my '31 stock crew cab is the most fun to drive
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