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Default Re: Mystery missfire .

Yes I did have a hefty spark jumping the gap . Anyway folks it is back idling happily on 4 . What was wrong is still a mystery to me. I did another cold compression test and got 55,55,60 and 62 on no 4 . The distributer originally in the car has a Nu Rex top plate which worked fine . I swapped it for a near new Nu Rex without the pigtail setup the miss remained . I then took the distributer out of my 28 phaeton which runs fine in that car but the miss remained .This has the original points setup . I then fitted a good tillotson off the phaeton but no change . I then changed the manifold gaskets they were blowing on no 1 exhaust but no change so no ill store there . I thought maybe an air leak on induction . I built up another distributer from scratch to try that . I kept with the original points setup (" Century" Made in Japan) and fitted it and Hey Presto !!! back idling on four sweet as a nut . So the mystery is not solved in my mind at least . Maybe I ought to reinstate the original components and see what happens but as old English sayings go "Quit when you are ahead" and "Let sleeping dogs lie" Tomorrow I will fire it up to see if the miss has returned but I wont bother to fix it if it does . I gave it a fair shot i think. If it ever stops raining I will go for a blatt around the countryside I will soon know if I am missing a quarter of my horsepower .

John in same place same weather .

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