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Default Re: Mystery missfire .

I would not start taking things apart thinking you have a major problem.

Was it running right and than just started giving you a problem?

If it were mine. I would give it a complete tune up, complete. Than some Marvel Mystery Oil in the gas. I would also change the oil. Putting in 20w-50 HD.

Now after doing all that, if I still had the same problem, I would start being concerned.

Model A’s engines can be completely worn out and still run well. I once had one that smoked so bad, you could not always see the car behind you after coming down a hill. But it still sounded great and was running on all cylinders. Little compression and very little power. Was still fun to drive. Just replaced rings, nothing else. They take a licking and keep on ticking. Show me a car made today that will still be around in 90 years.


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