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Default Re: Title goes with Frame or Engine?

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Originally Posted by Chris in WNC View Post
Licensed to Kill-
Restamping your replacement engine to match your title is a LOT different from stealing a car.
No evil intent and no defrauding of anyone, including a subsequent buyer.
And most of the time the first engine is junked, or if not the number can be removed to prevent any duplicate number problems.
You are missing the point. The point is that, if it's legal to restamp the VIN on a replacement engine, then how do you determine a "legal" restamp from an "illegal" restamp?. Yes, the old engine is often replaced because it is junk, but not always and "junk" to one guy is "rebuildable" to another AND many engines get replaced with OTHER engines (V8's). Then what??. If you put a flathead V8 in your car, where do you stamp the VIN?. There are a LOT of reasons people remove serviceable engines. The point is, if it is LEGAL to restamp the VIN, that leaves the door open for all kinds of abuse and problems.
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