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Default Re: Weird engine number: RF4504

Quite a lot of hope, actually. The usual tendency of these things was to fail the centerline of the head longitudinally. This provided "relief space" and prevented damage to lower parts of the cooling shroud.

You can check it with the head off. Drain coolant. Remove head. Then fill gently (including radiator if you're sure of it) up to the open spaces around the cylinders using an eyedropper towards the end (overstated but you get the idea.)

If the coolant won't stay at the level, then you have a leak somewhere. You may see it on the floor. Or possibly in the oil pan (don't forget the water jacket is two sided.) Best indication is dropping level which you can easily see.

Good luck with this. Even heads can be welded shut - but it's hardly worth the effort. $25 will usually bring you a fine head you can have flattened. Or better go buy the high compression head at Snyders or others.

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