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Default Re: Estate planning/thinning the herd

40 Deluxe and Step-down, I would have room for an old Harley and more Model A Parts! Just saying..LOL!

I come from a large family where all the brothers hunt and fish together. I have gifted a number of my hunting rifles and shotguns to my nephews as they come to age. I mostly quit hunting a few years back. The look of gratitude and surprise on their faces when they borrow a gun for a hunt and try to return it but I refuse to take it back is priceless! I do always check and get permission with their fathers before doing so. I think gifting brings me more joy than they experience receiving.

Consider gifting your stash of Model A parts to friends in your local Model A club. There is always someone needing that special part. I plan to do this.
Good Day!

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