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Default Re: Question on removal of ignition trim ring on instrument panel

Your instrument panel is most probably a Scoval(spelling may not be correct) steel panel and will have to be renickel plated to look good. It can be replated to original for around $125 and from looking at it I think it will be a good candidate for a plating and a super nice finish as I see no match strikes on it. The vinegar is a good way to strip the nickel but it will take a long time as the vinegar you buy is about 2-4% ascetic acid. We use pure acetic acid to strip and it takes a few hours and a nice brush afterwards to clean things up.
I would caution if you don't know what you are doing to not force anything and it would be ashame to ruin a nice 30 instrument panel by doing anything but replating it and the Model A would stand tall once it was installed, but that is my take on it.
I have been plating ampmeter bezels, ignition bezels and instrument panels for many years and have had great success with good instrument panels coming out great.
The other posts were right as once the ignition bezel and plate are removed you are done with the disassembly.
Good luck with your project.
Dan Bixby
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