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Default Question on removal of ignition trim ring on instrument panel

I had my instrument panel off recently and was trying to clean it up. I used a vinegar and water solution and let it sit in the hot Ok. sun in a bucket for a couple of days. Unfortunately, it didn't really clean up anywhere near as well as I had hoped for. There is still some rust in the back areas and the face plate is pretty yellowed and discolored. I'll likely keep it, but replace it with a repop unit in the near future or perhaps powder coat it for better appearance sake.

Any rate, I have a question on the right way to remove that ring for the ignition switch in the instrument panel on the back side. I wasn't for sure how to remove it and I didn't want to ruin it in trying to bend it. Everything else seems to have small tabs, but the black face on this instrument panel at the front is bubbly and rusty so I need to remove it and paint it or replace it. That round ring in the back was what I didn't want to bugger up in trying to get it off. Does it simply pry out with a flat blade screwdriver or is there more to it than that, such as it being pressed in or such? What is the trick to removal with no damage?

Replating probably costs more than a repop unit does. It is not so much that everything on my truck needs to be stock, but I just happen to like keeping it as close as I can in most areas.

Here are some photos. I have to replace the ammeter anyway, due to burnt wires and such.

Thanks for any info and tips.
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