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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Originally Posted by katy View Post
Thanks Gary for all the great stories. My working life was interesting and varied but not exhilarating, although I did get to go to a few different countries on mundane jobs, Russia (Siberia), China, India.
Well thanks Katy. I always or mostly always liked my job but hadn't realised what a good life I have had until about 2 months ago when I started writing these short stories.
If you were to write about what you have learned in your travels I reckon you too would realise what a good life you have had. Just try it. The countries you mention are not on the tourist track and they offer more than a beach side chair sipping silly drinks with little umbrellas sticking out the top. They also make you aware of just how lucky you are to live where you do. Just try a few stories.
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