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In the 60's I remember my father ran straight pipes in his V8 Pilot with 1 inch tailpipes - us kids thought that was great! In the 70's I didn't find any noticeable sound difference in moving glass pack mufflers from under the cab of my F1 to the rear ... so I rammed a pipe down the middle of each with 2 inch pipes and to my teenage ears that sounded better. Later on I attached a Y block to the same exhaust system, but that made a heck of a racket and got me into trouble - interesting how noisy overheads are in comparison. The best sound I achieved was glass pack mufflers and 4 foot lengths of 3 1/2 inch diameter tailpipe - a very nice bass rumble. For 10 years after that I listened to the chuff chuff of a stock single pipe system and now am back to twin pipes and mufflers. Haven't got the sound right yet though - I guess tastes in music change over time ...
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