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Default Re: Block drain for 8RT

Originally Posted by Ronnieroadster View Post
How about a ride along as my supercharged 292 cube Flathead powered gas burning rear engine modified roadster hits hits 200 MPH. The second video is from an early test run with a 258 inch engine.
Man O man, I can't believe that is a flattie. Holy cow, that shit is wicked sounding in both videos. Were both engines supercharged? I'd love just to get mine to just be a bad ass engine with some umph! What did the 258 post for speed? I could listen to a flattie all day long. There's just something different in the sound of those beautiful engines. Even my single carb merc block, BA heads sounds good. Just don't know enough about em (my first flathead at 70 Y/O) to start building something. I'd insert a photo here, but don't know what a URL is. Thanks again, Awesome!
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