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Default Re: Block drain for 8RT

Originally Posted by ChuckD View Post
Thanks again, Ronnie. Didn't know I was in such honored company. Congrats on the salt flat award in 2018. When you get a chance would like to see the car and what you did to the flattie to make it so fast. Thanks again.

How about a ride along as my supercharged 292 cube Flathead powered gas burning rear engine modified roadster hits hits 200 MPH. The second video is from an early test run with a 258 inch engine.
I use the F word a lot no not that word these words Flathead , Focus and Finish.
"Life Member of the Bonneville 200 MPH Club using a Ford Flathead block"
Owner , Builder and Driver of the First Ford Flathead bodied roadster to run 200 MPH Record run July 13, 2018 LTA timing association 200.921 from a standing start in one and a half miles burning gasoline.

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