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Default Re: Block drain for 8RT

Originally Posted by Alaska Jim View Post
As Ronnie stated, there is a good flat spot on both sides of the block at the front. I drilled and tapped both sides and installed drain cocks for the eng. in my 51 merc., and the eng. for my 29 roadster project. I did this so I did not have to remove hoses to drain cooling system, in case cooling system maintenance. ( heater hoses, heater control valve, t-stats, even head gaskets.) I did it mostly to be able to completely drain and change out the anti-freeze every couple of years. I will say that it is best done with the eng out of the vehicle. may not be possible in the vehicle
Thanks, Alaska Jim for the input. I will put it in the brain housing group. Mine is a '50 merc block with BA heads. Don't know how you have a lot a cruising time up in the tundra country! But I know any time is great with a flattie!
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