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Hello, I have what looks to be a model A style horn that has been restored and powder coated. It looks like a spartan but there is no tag. Might be replica but the inside looks old.

Anyway, I want to install it in my 2013 car (sorry, not a ford). I was trying to decide if I run it on 12v battery or get a converter to step it down to 6v.

First I ran it on 12v and it gave a great loud sound. But I want to try it at 6v so I ordered a converter that arrives in a couple days. I hope at 6v it gives a better natural sound. I'll let you know how it works out.

Also, does it matter which terminal I connect + or - wire to? No problem with reverse polarity? My horn didn't have wires when I acquired it so I wired it with 14 gauge.
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