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Default Re: 47 pickup second gear pops out

Rebuilding a trans that you own and have used has some great advantages. If it works except for the "worn out" part, then the gears are probably good to use again. Broken teeth and rounded off first gear would probably be noticeable to you already. The gears are the expensive part and can reuse them almost all the time. Also the bearings are probably pretty good or you would already know about that with noise. Since bearings are available and not expensive you should replace them anyway. However good used bearings seldom wear out and could be reused in a pinch (not recommended). This leaves the items that must be dealt with and that is the synchros ,the gear bushings , the clearance for second gear, mainshaft and the thrust washers for the cluster gear. These are all checkable and doable. It is math, not magic, measure, measure,measure. My point is you can redo your existing trans yourself (with the help of "the book" and the noted vendors. Redoing your current trans with known problems is way better than picking up one of those swap meet (swap meet defined above)cores for $75. Those cores at the swap meet are there for a reason and you will be replacing everything and many times the case itself. I have seen many where the bolts were the only reusable items. Also when you get it finished and up and running you will be surprised how difficult it is to pull it out of second gear manually with the clutch engaged and some load on the engine. Have fun
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