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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

White stripes that can be seen from the moon.

Cotton defoliation. Drying agents are sprayed on to mature cotton crops and the green leaf matter is shed by the plant. This gives a drier and cleaner plant for the harvester and does not discolour the dry cotton.
These days farmers with flags are redundant as markers and have been replaced by electronic GPS tracking systems. One enters the swath width of each pass and the desired application rate of material into the GPS computer . The control pad and the screen are not really located conveniently for good viewing. It is difficult in a small single pilot cabin because space is very limited.
I was to enter a swath of 18 metres and an application rate of 28 litres per hectare.Well I didn’t do that so very well. I entered a swath of 28 and a rate of 18. Wrong way around. It didn’t take too long for me to realize my error but I figured I had sprayed a few runs and must continue. I could finish and restart but I had to eye ball the first run and if I was to make an error the problem would accentuate. I figured it was best left until I could eye ball the gaps and restart. That took about 10 days and boy were the stripes apparent. I saw them. So did every other pilot working in the area. Was most embarrassing. I reckoned they could be seen from the moon. I did return to fill in the gaps.
You know, no other pilot said a thing but a couple did give a big grin when they spotted me.

No stories for a couple of days because I will be traveling. And I will exhaust my memory of incidences and funnies soon.
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