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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

There is one quote I never miss the opertunity to drop.

You are discussing with a farmer the paddock to spray. Farmer informs you that pilot“Jack” sprays this way or pilot Jack does things this or that way. Farmer has chucked you a challenge because Jack pleases the farmer. I’ll make the point by an example.
Sometime in the early 80’s I was to spray cereal for the late Allan Hawkins at Tocumwal. The paddock had a kidney shaped lagoon on the north and Allan asked if I could start at the lagoon , working south maintaining the curve I’d track on the first run. Continue to fly the curve. Well I’m not that good but I can maintaina straight line between the markers, starting with two short runs, getting longer until they meet.
Well that didn’t seem to please Allan and he informed me the last bloke I’d sent there could maintain a curve, and in this very same paddock. “who was he I enquired.”Came from Victoria somewhere in Gippsland.
Maybe, I said, Bob Landsbury.
“Yes, yes, that’s the bloke” Allan responded.
Now here comes my punch line. And I love to quote it.
“but Bob’s a much better pilot than me”.
It just kills the farmers point of view and generally ends with a laugh or chuckle from the farmer.

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