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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

My First A: The Staff Car.

I purchased this from a farmer who lives near Deniliquin which is 40 miles to the east of our town, Tocumwal. In New South Wales (NSW).

There is one commercial business between the towns of Tocumwal. A pub at Blighty. It is the community meeting place for local farmers and others. The pub always has a good and happy atmosphere. They were serving 120 meals each Friday night. Now thatís pretty good for a little farming community.

Now itís patronage has become so small the publican is considering closing. Why? Random Breath Testing. For no good reason it became a target of what is Highway Patrol (I call Highway men). They are the most despicable police in NSW. A police training school is located in Deniliquin and there are cops there with little to do. You know what that leads to donít you.

Well in the town of Deniliquin the locals got sick of them too. So they got even. Cops arrived at a the Federal hotel one evening with no good reason. When they departed there was an awful crunch and a loud scrape. The front axel was detached and laying on the ground just where the vehicle was parked before it reversed out. A chain had been coupled the axel to a large post. The vehicle had reversed out but not the axel.

Not surprisingly they could not find a culprit but they did find a hotel full of jubilant drinkers. is offline   Reply With Quote