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I don't think adding oil to the lifter bores is a practical idea, and will offer nothing to the reliability or performance to the engine. Considering the fact that under stock conditions lifter bore ware in negligible. In a competition engine the side clearance of the rod bearings is increased to provide more oil flow to keep the bearing cool. This added oil is more than enough to lubricate the cam and cylinders. If you want to make performance improvements to the block, they can b e done by just increasing the material in the cylinders to allow a 3 3/8 bore size. now a person can buy one non stock item that will produce aprox a 40% gain in low end torque. It will bring the CR up to 8:1 with stock heads and the stock cam and valves will supply enough AF for reasonable economical operation. For the racer or someone that want;s alittle more power the water jackets between the intake ports can be eliminated, often wounded why they were ther in the first place. This alone will allow the port to be improved allowing more flow. As for the exhaust the end ports exit into a 90 deg turn. Just put a radius here. we can do the rest. All thes mods have no affect on the stock use of the block, but now we have one block that can have 21 or 24 studs on it. an increse in displacement at a low cost and the need for expensive crank assys can be left to the racers. I have a 280ci Stock engine that provides mor torque than you'll ever need in normal operation. I'm sure some others could add to this. At 84. I doubt I;ll ever see one. I wish you well.
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