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Ford had a very odd oiling system for the 85/95/100 HP V8 engines but it wasn't all that out of place during that era. Where the oil pump pressure port interface is up in the bottom of the block, there is a little oil cavity with one feed port going up to the main feed galley and one going down to the rear main. This is why many folks mention 95% oiling due to that passage to the main since it is the only feed going down there and on to the rear rod crank pin. The rear cam journal is sort of oiled by the cavity that houses the oil pump idler gear.

Ford had oiling for the big Lincoln 337 tappets but the passenger car version had hydraulic lifters so it needed pressure to each unit. I guess Ford's engineers didn't feel that lubrication for the large diameter hollow tappets was all that necessary since there was plenty of windage off the crank and the tappet bores are relatively shallow.

Most 100% filtration set ups out there plug the normal oil pump port then add a new port on the pump body that exits the oil pan to get piped to the filter. The pressure then exits the filter and is piped back to the gallery on the back of the block so it will still oil all the necessary items.

100% filtration could be taken into account and resto guys could modify the existing filtration components to work for it so it would "look original". The Rodder guys could use what ever filtration set up they wanted to plumb in there.

Even Small block Chevy engines used the partial main bearing bypass system so It's not uncommon to keep it that way but the person doing the alteration for partial bypass has to open a new port at the back of the block then plug the port between the oil pump flow passage and the main feed passage to the galley tube. This was what was done during the war in order to install an oil cooler system since a lot of these motors were installed in personnel carriers and armored cars. The 59 series blocks still have the little unopened pad or boss back there where the port was opened up to the oil pump feed passage.

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