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Default Re: Success with improvements for touring

Originally Posted by tbirdtbird View Post
if you could have absolutely no wobble or play in the dizzy shaft...if you could have the cam lobes absolutely the same exact distance apart and all absolutely the same exact height...
e-ignition changes all this...the spark is in the exact right place at the exact right time each and every time, for each and every cyl. and yes it has centrif. advance...and if i didn't see/drive/hear it myself i never would have believed it. Now I can see why these are used extensively in the Great Race. The engine vibration is nearly non-existent and the nasty harmonic is gone. This has to be intuitively better for the bearings, and if you can't believe the bearings will be happier please don't waste valuable bandwidth by complaining about it.
do you run a stock coil with a FSI dist?

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