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Default Re: Success with improvements for touring

Originally Posted by tbirdtbird View Post
OK, first off I am in this for all the touring I can get. So if you don't like what I have done, simply put, don't do it. This post is for the benefit of those who have considered these changes for their car but weren't sure about them. And, the Dallas club has a bunch of excellent tours every yr.

1. Ken's modern rear shocks WoW the car doesn't hop all over the road any more!
And we do have our share of bad roads around here.

2. FSI electronic ignition. WOW I was told it would seem like I had a counter-balanced crank (which I don't), and it is even better than that ! The engine runs so smoothly it is beyond description. So I am thrilled and I am sure my babbitt is happier, too. And, I used to have a nasty harmonic at 50-55 mph but that is totally gone now. Despite what the instructions say, full advance has kicked in by 1600.

3. Mitchell OD. Holy crap this is excellent! I threw on a tach and was turning 1900 at 60 and 2200 at 70; and it was smooth as could be. I will never see 70 on an actual tour; but I can now be on those stretches of Interstate that can't be avoided and not be a hazard to myself and others. And at lower speeds there will be less wear on the engine. In fact, with my 3.78 gearset I can drive around town in Mitchell high with ease, even off the line at lights.

I had a 3.54 in there before but it cannot compare this Mitchell setup.

4. I thank Tom Endy for exquisite instructions on setting up an A gearset, way better than the Schild book I used 20 yrs ago. Not a peep from the rear and needed no shims at all on the tapers; it is solid back there.

This all boils down to being easier on the car and easier on the driver.
I too have an overdrive, FSI Distributor and Ken's modern shocks (along with some other goodies). I have been very satisfied with this set up.
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