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Default Re: Success with improvements for touring

Originally Posted by tbirdtbird View Post
u may have missed this part

"This all boils down to being easier on the car and easier on the driver."

Your perception! ....but not mine.

Tube shocks are a cheaper fix than a properly working original shock, but definitely not better. You can't tune the ride quality on a tube shock. You can on an original shock.

Granted the electronic ignition is an improvement over a worn-out original ignition system but with good quality dist. cams back into production, a completely rebuilt distributor (which costs less money) will perform equal to an electronic system, ...until the module on the electronic system fails. When they do, your options are much more limited which generally places some stress on the driver at that point!!

Since you mentioned you rebuilt your rear end, you could have saved the money by installing a 3.27 gear ratio over the Mitchell overdrive and achieved the same results with performance. With the weight of the Mitchell repositioned due to the 180's footwell, the ride quality would have improved by using the 3.27 too. So you spent more money than you needed to, cluttered up the interior with another shift lever, and decreased the quality of the ride characteristics. I fail to see how that has made the driver's life easier.


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