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Default Re: Ford V belts - 39-38

The B width for industrial belts is actually 21/32" so it's half way between 5/8" & 11/16". It has a thickness of 13/32" so it's a bit thicker than the light duty belts or L series. Any belt of the L series is considered a fractional horse power belt or FHP type and should be used on applications of 1 horse power or less. The 5L size belt is 21/32" width with a thickness of 3/8" so it's not quite as thick as the B size. It may work for a generator/water pump belt but it may have a shorter life expectancy. I don't know for any certainty how well any of the industrial type belts will work. At least they can still be sourced for the time being.

A person would have to check the sheaves when installing a B size belt to make sure it doesn't bottom out. The Narrow V Series belts are even thicker so they may bottom out in the sheave.
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