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Default Re: 1929 Model A Fordor gas tank removal issue

Thanks for all the input. Just needed to know I wasn't looking at another short cut solution the previous owner had done.

Took about twenty minutes of gentle twisting left to right from within the cab and it finally broke loose. There was the square felt mat between the top of the tank and the cowl as was mentioned.

I ordered the filter screen removal tool before anyone had responded. Obviously, I didn't need it to get the tank out but will need it to remove the filter. Once I got the tank off something was rattling around in it. Turns out it was the old strainer. Guess it broke off at some point and has been loose in the bottom of the tank. I'll need to wait for the tool so I can hopefully remove the locking ring. No other exit point is big enough to remove the old filter.

Thanks again for the commentary. This forum has been a wealth of info. I have all three of the mechanics handbooks, but the gas tank removal section doesn't cover the Fordors, only the models that the tank is the cowl.
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