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Default Re: Someday this engine will run right.

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So lets get down to basics. Since Pertronix doesn't make an 8BA type distributor (to my knowledge) it seems that you must have installed a kit into the stock distributor. Are you running stock carburetion? If not, the "Load-a-matic distributor is a very poor choice. If you installed the Pertronix unit in your distributor, it won't help if the original distributor is worn out or defective. Plus, as I have said before, 6 volt Pertronix units are problematic, especially if you are running a stock generator, which produces very "dirty" electrical output. At this point, I would suggest that you have two choices; get a known good stock points distributor, or go to an upgraded aftermarket unit. Unfortunately, the only remaining supplier of upgraded SBC conversion distributors "Charlie ny" has sold out the 50 he finished last week and it will probably take a while for him to gear up again.

I have a "Load-a-matic" that I pulled out of a good running engine a couple of years ago that I could send you to try (depending where you are located). Let me know if I'm off-base on anything I've surmised.
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