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Originally Posted by txmike View Post
ok, sorry to sound ignorant but does the timing pin slip in all the way when it hits the slot?
I have felt some movement on the pint but it will not go in and I thought in the past it did.

Cranking this thing is a pain (i am being nice) how many turns does it take to get it aligned?
No. It is a very subtle dimple that the pin drops down into. Very easy to miss.

If you miss the dimple during one pass, the engine crankshaft needs to make 2 full turns to get back to where you were. 1-3/4 turns will get you "approaching" the dimple. It is at this point you need to slow down the cranking.

Remove spark plug #1. This makes it easier to crank that piston up to the top as the dimple approaches. Go slow that last 1/4 turn.


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