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Default Re: Carb expert needed

Originally Posted by Al 29Tudor View Post
If your carb doesn't have the replaceable brass seat, how can you know the condition of the cast iron seat?
Is there a tool that can re-surface that seat?
I'd sure like to know.

You can take a black permanent marker and darken up the needle tip and by hand turn it against the seat. If it has a decent seat you will see it on the needle .

sometimes lightly spreading the GAV needle hold ring will help a little. Yes, making sure the needle isn't bent is first but I have had the grip ring too tight on a few.

Also, is someone has a large vacuum leak that can affect how the GAV reacts, as it is all mixture related. Check you wiper tubes and connections, carb tight, manifold gaskets, wiper lines as manifold and firewall, inside and outside.

Larry Shepard
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