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Cool For Sale- Black and Yellow California Plates

City: Henderson
State: Nevada
Price: $100.00

For Sale a matching pair of Vintage Calif. plates. These came off my '51 Mercury when I changed to YOM Oregon plates. Plate # is AKG 329. Front plate is almost perfect, tiny amount of surface rust around bottom mounting holes. Tiny scratches in the yellow paint on G. Rear plate is slightly bent. (Someone pulled too close) Has minor paint loss and 2 small rust areas. Last sticker Calif. 1979. (This car set in a shed in Oregon from 1980 until I found it in 2006.) When I checked Calif. DMV in 2011 these plates were clear to run. Perfect for your Mustang, Cobra, or even a Falcon.

Contact me at or call (702)272-6945 I can email you pictures
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