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Default 1929 Business Coupe - Need more leg room

I am giving my oldest Grandson my '29 Business Coupe, but he has a problem with leg room. He is only 17 but he is already over 6' tall. His legs and knees hit the steering wheel before he even tries to engage the clutch or brake. So, what is the easiest way to modify the seat to give him more leg room? Do I modify the shelf tray by a couple of inches and then try to figure out how to move the seat riser back or somehow modify the seat riser?? Or, do I try to modify the seat cushion and seat back to gain the extra room?? Any ideas much appreciated.
PS: This is the coupe that my Grandfather gave to me in 1954 when I was 16. I want to continue the tradition by giving it to my oldest Grandson.
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