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Default Re: Batt not holding charge

The 2-year-old 6-volt Optima battery went south in my ’28 roadster when the cable shorted out. The battery registered close to zero volts and I couldn’t get it to charge on my 6/12/24/48-volt charger. I bought a new 6-volt wet cell battery from an auto parts store to get it going again. A few weeks later I decided to try to revive the Optima battery. I fully charged the wet cell battery and then connected it to the Optima battery with heavy duty jumper cables for about 15 minutes. Now the charger worked so I left it on it overnight. Then I reinstalled the Optima battery in the Model A and it has been holding it’s voltage well. I should note that the Optima battery cranks the engine a noticeably faster than the wet cell battery does.
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