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Default Re: Batt not holding charge

Originally Posted by 30 Closed Cab PU View Post
If 6V battery, many places do not have a 6V battery tester. Here is an inexpensive 6/12 V load tester from Harbor Freight.

Have also been able to get a couple of batteries to come back to almost as good as new with this NOCO. Not cheap, but its paid for if it saves a battery.

I have a load tester. I know most folks don't. But they are nice to have around.

Bringing batteries back to life ? Some of that does work. As a broke kid I used to clean/wash out old batteries and refill/charge them, if they came back then sell or use them. Quite a few would come back to life for a few more years. Ha, as expensive and as bad as new batteries are today it might be worth trying again.
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