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Default Re: Question About Inconsistent Horn Performance

Originally Posted by ericr View Post
I know there could be multiple reasons but what is going on when a horn on one car can go full-throated with the car not running, but another car needs the
engine running to hit the high notes? And assume that both cars are basically the same in most respects mechanically/electrically/degree of restoration.
This could either be mechanical (e.g., too much pressure on the diaphragm, high resistance to turning the armature due to dry bushings) or electrical (incomplete or high resistance electrical path). I've had both. On one horn I pulled it apart and found one brush spring had compressed so far that it was not pushing the brush against the armature. I pulled it out and it worked fine while I waited for a new set of springs to come in.

Just the joy of working on mechanical devices approaching a century old.

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