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Default Re: 28_29 Model A folding stanchions

I do not know how well these will show up but attached are some pictures of my 28 roadster taken in 1965. It has original folding stanchions. The A came from an area in Washington near the south east corner not far from the Idaho line. I have not heard of a US made roadster with folding stanchions, however Canada had what was known as a sport roadster that did have folding stanchions. This could have been a sport roadster from Canada as where it was found was may be 150 miles south of the US/Canada line. The stanchions were solid brass with nickel plating. At the 2015 MARC National Meet at Niagara Falls there was a Sport Roadster with folding stanchions, and as I recall they were the same as those I have pictured here.
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