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Default Re: Cleaning Tank after long Storage?

As I type this, I am doin an acetone flush on my 29 sport coupe that I just bought. The seller told me the last time it ran was 91. Last sunday I removed the fuel petcock and was surprised to drain over a gallon of thinner-smelling, iced tea-looking liquid. The inlet of the petcock was gummed up, yet the fuel lines were clean.

I put a pipe plug into the hole where the petcock was and carefully poured 5 gallons of acetone in to hopefully breakup the sludge. Every few hours I rock it side to side, and let it do its thing. I empied it sunday and filtered it before pouring it back in for another go at it.

Last night when I empied it, the acetone did come out with a deeper brown color... so it must be doing what I want it to. So... I threw it back in and will empty it again tonight.

Im hoping in a few days I will throw some gas in the tank and see what happens. I have removed the sediment bowl and plan to run a clear fuel filter on it until I am happy with the color of the gas.

Hope that helps.
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