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Default Re: 1929 Business Coupe - Need more leg room

Folks need to know how that package tray is integrated into the body structure on the Sport and Business coupes. These cars don't have a solid top so they only have that package tray and the belt line tack rail & main top wood bows to hole the sheet metal in a more sound position. A person could shorten the package tray but the lip would have to be replaced and all that will do is allow the seat back to lay back a few more degrees. The seat bottom cushion is still limited on how far it can be moved to the rear.

The seat spring boxes were designed to give a nice soft ride but this required them to have some pretty long springs. They give a lot when you set on them and the larger your body size and weight, the more they give. As was suggested before. A person can try building a seat back from plywood and using foam builders to move the driver to the rear a bit more. A person with long legs may always have a problem with "fitting" into the model A vehicles. The open cars would be even worse. Head room has never been a problem in my Sport Coupe so the seat bottom is generally high enough to do the job but it may need a new set of springs since I don't know if shorter would be better or not.
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