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Lawrie, Re engine stay rods to 8ba. I have done this a few times over the last 50 or so years to 35s 36s & just done a 32.
The bottom two bolts holding the 8ba bellhousing to the block are inline with the stay rods. on the 32 I have just done I stood the block, back end up on my Bridgeport & drilled the holes out to 7/17" & made a tool to spot face the front side of the holes. I made a new pair of stay rods the correct length that just look like the originals On the 35s & 36s I just machined a a piece to fit the block & welded it to the back part of the original rods. The 8ba block & bellhousing are thicker than the stay rod lug on the early blocks & the length from the back of the bellhousing to the chassis mounting is different.
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