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Default Re: NOS 1938-48 24 Stud Head Gaskets

Originally Posted by FlatheadEric View Post
I will soon be putting my '39 24 stud engine back together with new mains, big ends, rings, cam followers, valves etc.

I have got two pairs of NOS 1938-48 24 stud head gaskets, all still with some of the preserving wax on the metal fire rings. This scrapes off easily with a fingernail.

They have the following stamped on them:
Ford USA
Detroit Gasket Mfg Co

My questions are:
Are these a good type of gasket to use?
If so, what is the best sealer to use on these asbestos gaskets?

Attachment 438008

Attachment 438009

Attachment 438010

Attachment 438011
I use these religiously and have never had an issue. I do spray them with coppercoat. In my humble opinion, newer is not necessarily better.
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