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Default Re: Strange "Clanking Noise" at Idle

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the suggestions. Going forward I'm going to attempt to reply in the correct thread (my mistake originally) in the Late V8 forum so as not to confuse everyone.

A few updates:

- I've removed the fan belt which isolated the generator and water pump, issue still persists

- Using the longest length of tubing I had on hand, I listened to the fuel pump when running and it sounded fine to me

- The noise doesn't change in/out of gear, but does go away at higher rpms (by ear maybe a few hundred rpm more in enough to make it go away/drown it out)

- I did a valve adjust recently and used the method where I tightened the adjuster until the pushrods barely rotated, all pushrods looked good, none were dropped and none were bent.

- I played with the spring loaded valve on the passenger side of the "exhaust-crossover-pipe" (sorry not sure the technical term), but to no avail, it didn't really change anything.

I appreciate all the suggestions and advice, I'm going to keep chasing this down. Will head down to the parts store to grab a longer length of tubing/pipe to use as a makeshift stethoscope, hopefully that will help.


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