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Default Re: Backfire in overrun mode (load change)

I used these manifold gaskets.

I've tightened manifold bolts more tightly than I wanted because the wrong torque was set, and I had noticed that too late. But were only 10Nm too much. In any case, all the same tight.

Some back popple ( backfire, after-fire or whatever you want to call it ) on rapid down shifts or hard overrun is, I feel, inevitable with the primitive carburation of the Ford A; it is in the nature of the beast.
This is the best explanation ever !!! Everything is normal, can stay that way! Thumbs up!

I am primarily concerned with knowing whether the behavior is problematic and can cause damage. I mean, that this "problem" didn't exist when the car was bought.

To the carburettors ... a Zenith is installed, but I still have a Tillotson. But it's on the shelf, I don't know the condition yet. No idea if this is OK or needs to be overhauled. It is also questionable whether this is better. He will certainly be different.
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