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Default Re: First time adjusting rod and mains

Originally Posted by Synchro909 View Post
Referring to the pictures in post #25, do I see the skirt of that piston broken away?
Originally Posted by Licensed to kill View Post
I think what you are seeing is the counter balance in the way and just to the left of it, a shadow making the bottom of the rim dark and hard to see.
Synchro909, Like Licensed to kill stated, counterbalance in the shot and shadow.. when we took them out besides there being 3 different types of rods, everything looked ok, and when we get done balancing the rods and pistons and get it all back together I should be good to go the rest of the summer. It's a little frustrating, but I love working on these A's so much it's hard to get too down. I just want to get her together so I can be driving her. Again, I'm sooo glad I followed my gut instinct to open her up before it got ugly.
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