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Default Accessory fuse panel

I am thinking of adding an accessory fuse panel to my 6 V model A to accommodate the additional accessories I plan to add to the car. When I purchased the car it already had turn signals and I have already added a 6 V electric wiper. I am planning to add a domelight, driving lights, back up lights and a USB port to charge my phone.
Before adding all of the accessories I was thinking it made sense to plan out what the wiring would look like and add an accessory fuse panel and I saw the one on Snyder’s website part number A-14304. It looks like it would do the job that I wanted to do, but I was wondering if anyone else had used this or any other accessory fuse panels available?

I guess I have a follow-up question also which is I only have a amp meter that goes plus or minus 20... do I need to replace the amp meter with something better?

Thank you for your feedback....

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