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Default Re: Starting The Flathead

This thread makes a good point. Not everybody has one of these sync devices but would like to go for a ride. The method I've used for years, is to use a block off -late over one carb on the itake, or two if it's an triple intake Adjust one carb at a time for proper vacuum and then put them together. I still crack the front carb, I never use the street intakes they neer work right and are just for show. I use the compition intakes especially the Offy hi rise, it;'s about an inch higher than the Edelbrock unit. In the old days we had to use an offset gen bracket, but now tey make a short 12v unit the sits in front of the carbs. I;m using this on the roadster engine, with the Holly 94 style 1 1/16 venturis on the street. I have a special track intake,
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