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Default Re: 29 Tudor charging system question

As rotorwrench says , the battery controls the voltage . Fun Projects offers a twelve volt version for use on the model A generator . Install a twelve volt battery , either change the coil to a three OHM coil or use a resister at the coil connection , Install the Fun Projects voltage regulator and you will have converted your model A to a twelve volt system . I run mine positive ground as original and no wires needed to be changed . If converting to negative ground the battery cables need to be connected as negative ground , the wires at the coil and ammeter need to be reversed . It is really a simple conversion . If the original six volt wiring is in good condition , it will carry the 12 volts without problems . The wiring on 12 volt systems are generally smaller gauge than what is used on 6 volts . The larger gauge wire that is used on six volt systems will handle 12 volts without problems .

I feel that if Ford still made model A's they would be set up as 12 volts . Six volts is only a bare get bye . Twelve volts gives a more powerful system that batteries and coils are readily available for . The bulbs will need to be changed. Model A generators and starters have worked well for me on 12 volts without problems for many years . As a matter of fact , I have never had a problem with either of them on 12 volts . The system generaly operates on lower amps on 12 volts .
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